Saturday, February 4, 2012

Electric current therapy

This kind of therapy is more popular among 40s and above since it promote better health for the future. I have no idea about the therapy but my mom always talked about it for the past 2 years. it is a machine, that is linked by its cover/matress? and we can put it on the chair and sat on it for 30 minutes to 1 hour.

my mum said that it was the electric current, with minimal voltage that removed the toxins from body cells, transported through blood vessels and being excreted into the urine. if urine is collected after therapy, after 30 minutes?? we can see the sedimentation.

recently, my father also under trial of this therapy. about 1 month he tries and the best thing about this therapy is that, my father is well known of his grey hairs but now everybody noticed that his black hairs grown back slowly. i just skyped with him this wednesday and saw it myself, and it was COOL and INCREDIBLE !!

for further details about the mechanism and effectiveness of the therapy, here is the link.

Friday, November 18, 2011

perfect combo

they're my favourite

Thursday, October 27, 2011


I wonder where all the sparks in my life go??????

why we are unhappy?
where is the enthusiasm?
what happen to put the smile on the face every morning?
why easy things become complicated?
why dream aren't sweet anymore??

why everything don't feel right
is like something missing
even when we achieve everything

where the sparks go?
why it is disappear? what were the things that went wrong?

and suddenly, these thoughts come up

why good things look bad, and bad things look good?
what happen to human right for living peacefully?
why human do bad things to other human?
is the world supposed to be like this?

there are tears in our laugh
there are hungers in our full
there are diseases in our health
there are spirits in our weakness
there are brave in our fear
there are suffers in our joy

we always thought that everything went wrong
when we always look at the sky
wondering, why am i not in the space, dancing with the moon and stars

but we forget that
we'll still standing on the ground
and probably there are people drown and soak under the sea

sparks only come when you grateful with your life
not when you loss your satisfaction

Friday, October 14, 2011

thank you vs sick

thank you for being such a cause
for emotional break down
and reckless actions
inappropriate words
and unfocus mind

thank you for showing us
the example of how future leader
would probably be
in handle their problems

thank you for giving us
an opportunity to become
competent in life

may this disadvantage bring us lot of advantages in the future
things happen for a reason
we don't know it yet
but we'll thank for it now, as if we know why we will thank for it

people said
if we're dealing with sick people
we'll become sick
with the attitude of sickness
and lead us to make other sick

sick is contagious
please find doctor for treatment

hopefully doctor is not sick as you are
even she is so sick dealing with problems during her study times
especially the sickness from her environment

don't worry, she'll treat you well,
she is competent
even she came from that sick environment
she'll managed not to become sick


yes, provocation is disgusting..YULK
please don't throw any petrol to the fire
grown-ups don't do that kind of stuff
dealing life maturely please

yes, this world is full with evil, backstabbing and people who love to make others suffers
so, please, enjoy when you still can
but every bads and goods, you'll pay for return

just think before doing any reckless actions
cause that is what grown-ups do
because CHICKEN can't afford to do such things

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

being adult is just another part of life

after a few hectic changes that going to happen, and
realized that there's nothing we can do about it
other than follow and accept the rule
which might be benefit for us

time will determine it

being adult just another part of life
and we have to get used with that
cause grown-ups will handle things maturely
and adjust themselves to the environment

worries never help
it's a sign of disaster
hope everything will be fine

let's pray to Allah that we'll managed in whatever worst situation that come in our way

problems is just nails in broken road

Sunday, October 9, 2011


if sleeps can make my problems disappear
i'll sleep forever

but this is not the way of living