curry puff (karipap)

one of my favourites...
i remember one of my friend said to me right after neurosurgeons presentation in baptist hospital.."am,hang bole laa jadi neurosurgeon,tgn hang halus kelim karipap"
it is to be considered..

this is another part that define me..
i love to eat it,and love to make it..
but to make a tasty karipap..
it requires all the senses especially the taste sense..
and make it with full of love(dgn penuh kasih syg)

everytime i make this karipap here in bangalore..
it reminds me moments with my mum and siblings at the kitchen making karipap..
b4 this,i dont really passed with the 'kelim' part..
my younger brother,jad is much better KELIMer than me..
but now, alhamdulillah..picture worth than thousand words..

the things i learnt about cooking is..
it always reminds me moments with my mum..
the talking we done in the kitchen..

and being far away from home
make me appreciate it..
and it feels good when the cook we made is tasty..
it soothed me :)


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