a food delivery boy

Today is my last theory paper for phase 2 MBBS professional exam. Since my practical test will be held next week, i've planned with my two other friends to make some shopping. It's been 2 months we struggle with the exams and now it's just a minor reward for ourselves, eventhough the results has not come out yet.

That's not the main story of the day...

We went to Commercial Street or also known as CS among us after the pathology paper,to exchange some money,and to buy some cotton materials that've been ordered by my mum's friends..
it's been a long day,and kind of tiring..

When i went home,i'm tired and i'm hungry..and there's no energy for me to cook today..plus there's nothing to cook..
so i decided to order from this restaurant which i prefer to call restaurant B

It's been an hour and 10 minutes but still the food has not been delivered to me yet..i'm kind of exhausted and really hungry..Allah knows how hungry am i..
so,i decided to call back the restaurant and ask for the food which my tone in my opinion is a little bit harsh.

The owner explained that the boy who delivered the food cannot enter my apartment because he do not have the permission card...the boy is new,and just replace the regular delivery boy who is on leave..the owner said he will call me in 3 minutes

In about 5 minutes,the owner called and ask me to go downstairs to the gate so that i can get the food since the boy cannot enter to my apartment..

I am hungry and i am angry,i went downstairs and found that there is no delivery boy..it's really pissed me off..i cant control my anger and i said things that are not supposed to be said..and the security guard is kind of annoying to me..

In about a minute later,on my glance,i saw one teenage boy, about my brothers age,carrying a plastic bag filled with food one one hand,and one cup of orange juice on the other...

and my heart stop..

Restaurant B is around 1km from my house. The boy delivered my food by walking and have to go back to the restaurant in same 1 km far..

I just feel so ashamed with my uncontrollable anger due to 1 hour feeling of hunger..

That boy who is about my brother age,who supposed to stay at home,get his homework done and get some rest for tomorrow school learning, are walking towards me with food and drink in his hand..and the worst part is,he walks from the restaurant by his own feet..just for the sake of money which is not worth.

i wonder how much he get paid for delivering my food...

and i wonder how am i supposed to act if i was in his shoes...

i can't even barely stand the 1 hour of hunger feeling.

i'm ashamed and feels like being stab by reality of life..being slap by my own arrogants and impatients..i should learn to stand minor starvation..


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