A birthday letter to abah and jad

Dear Abah,

A very wonderful happy birthday i wish to you. I wish Allah bless you and our family. Of course, i wouldn’t write about thank you for bring me to this world (it’s a cliche’ angah’s greeting cards to mak, during her birthday and mother’s day).

In another 2 weeks, i will sit for my 3rd internal assessment, and i kind of worried, but suddenly i remember your words, few years back before i sat for my SPM. While we were sitting on a bench in Alamanda, then you ask me about my preparations, my targets and how i’m dealing with exam pressure. and i remember u said, “ the day u’ve waited and counted for is coming, and i’m sure you prepare the best for it, just imagine yourself to across the path with hot burned ashes along it, u’ve got to cross with your bare foot. if it’s your fear for your feet, you’ll never reach the the end of the path, but if it’s your mind targetting to finish towards the end, you will and you never realized that your feet burnt”. I always remember that.

You do give us some options of life, and assure us how education can change our life.

Sometimes, i realized how upside down life could be, but i do have you and mak, and angah, and jad and aqim.

I do remember, a few weeks before coming to India, we were busy managed preparation, buying some cloth, go to MARA office, make a new spectacles, go to MSU.You, mak and me do a spend a lot of time in the car, and you always tell stories about me when i was a kid. Since i’m the first child, and mak had to finished her studies in Terengganu, i spend a lot my infant- to 2 years old time with you. Of course, mak will come back to Shah Alam once in a 2 weeks or once in a month.

You said, “it was so easy to take care of you, because, after coming back from work, i’ll pick you up at the nursery, bring you to the playground, going back home, feed you, then you’ll sleep easily, that’s routine, and now its explained, why you love to sleep so much”

And another story about one India women, who plays with me when i was a baby. You said i was so happy, and the Indian lady was shocked and said, “ this is the first time that baby love me. before this, all children are crying if i want to play with them. and you said, “it could be one of the sign that you will study in India.”

Maybe it’s the way you tell how hard to let go of your daughter to further her studies thousands miles away from home.

I remember, my last return to home, we decided to look angah at Taiping, but it was suddenly cancelled due to Aqim’s footbail training. Angah was so upset, and she cried on the phone, and you said, “ kita hanya merancang,Allah yang menentukan, next week kami datang insya Allah.

You barely say many words in term of advises, but all your words always kept in our mind. When all of us done something wrong, and you said few words that make us realized the consequences of our wrong and we don’t want to do it again. You let us make small mistakes, that we can learn from it. and I believe, all your prohibitions, and your rules are for our own goods.

Last 2 years, there was a video of me saying selamat hari raya. Mak said that, you keep repeated to see the video over and over again. When my first depart to India, early few weeks, you’ll always looked at my pictures.

So, i guess, by writing this letter, it says that i miss you too, abah and mak..and all the other 3 :)
i do miss all the time that we’ve spend together as a family. I do miss mak’s cook of ikan siakap 3 rasa, that was fished by you. i do miss eating at A&W when we come to see angah in Seremban. and a lot more.

This letter is just 1 appreciation over million kindness, advises, and guidance that you give to us. Only Allah knows how grateful we are to have such an inspired father like you. Thank you for taking care of us, thank you for let us reach our dreams and make us believe in ourselves. and most important, thank you for teaching us how to love the family. May all your hardwork, sacrifices and our family are blessed.

Before i forget, please do keep yourself healthy :) and control your diet.

Since you and Jad are sharing the same date of birth. there a few words to Jad also.

Dear Jad,

I wish all your dreams come true, give the best of you in all things that you do. May all good things come to you. I do and always pray for your success. Don’t forget to pray and read Al’Quran. And please do wear sunblock while you playing hockey or football in the afternoon or evening. I don’t want my brother to be ‘tanned”.

When our family send me to Changlun, u’re the one who upset the most. You are about 8 years that time. It is unexpected of you, i must say that you are cold physically, but warm-hearted :) Now you’re 14 and I??

Well, i guess that’s the end of my letter. It’s been a year that our family not gather as a six, it always been five, due to the school schedule that holidays always don’t clash with mine and all the once a month back home-boarding school thingy. well, i do hope my next return to Malaysia, the six of us are together in few moments, insya Allah. Have a wonderful birthday, bro!


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